04 April 2020

Kindling the Fire to Nurture the Spirit of Humanity; We are Fighting COVID-19

This is the time to come together and safeguard our people. We have been hit by one of the most intense pandemics of our times; COVID-19. Never have we all faced such helplessness at a global level. In this crucial hour, when the government is fully tied up to ensure the protection of our country and people, The Prestige Group has come forth to lend its support through the Prestige Foundation and taken up the noble initiative of helping and feeding the ones in need.

Taking the leverage of being one of India’s biggest and most successful developers, we are driving our forces to provide meals and provisions daily to about 20,000+ daily wage workers, underprivileged children and the needy in Bengaluru. For this effect, we have put up a team to ensure that the most hygienic and nutritious meals are being prepared in-house and delivered efficiently to our target masses. The aim is to successfully raise these numbers with the coming time. In addition to it, we are providing the same services to all the daily wagers at our labour colonies across India.

To amplify our efforts and reach, we have also set up a 24-hour national helpline to get in touch with anyone in dire need. Considering India’s harsh population density and undeniable economic inequality, it becomes our civic duty to fill in the gaps. Consequently, in the coming weeks, we plan to initiate additional campaigns, to create a rippling effect to get through this testing period together.

Speaking about this initiative, Mr. Irfan Razack - CMD, Prestige Group said, “Historically, the daily wage sector in India has been largely disorganized, as a result of which there is a vast majority of daily wagers who are not registered with the state welfare boards. In the wake of COVID-19, the central government has initiated a process to release nearly Rs. 52,000 crore as a short-term relief to construction workers across the country. However, that still leaves a huge amount of unregistered labourers who have lost access to any earnings, with no means to feed themselves and their families during this crisis.”

“At Prestige, realizing that the pressing need of the hour is to first protect this section, we have started providing the daily wagers at all our labour colonies across India with the basic needs of the hour, namely food, water and sanitation. At a time of unprecedented crisis like this, we, the real estate developers’ community, have to take responsibility for ALL our people. After all, it is a symbiotic relationship - we are as dependent on them, as they are on us. How can we forget their plight and leave them to their own defenses in the middle of this? At Prestige, we are hoping to lead by example on this front to ensure that all our workers are protected during this time. With our 24-hour helpline, we hope to extend our help to the needy beyond the daily wagers. We have extended our full support to our Government to aid in any way possible. We plan to initiate many more campaigns to ensure that our country’s most vulnerable are safeguarded during this period.” He added.

We take our social responsibilities very sincerely and have committed ourselves to help and feed as many souls as we can in these uncertain times to defeat this Pandemic together.

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